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...So lets wear something crafty.....

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Saturday, 13 July 2013

....Beautiful artisan jewellery....

.....I have fallen in love with this most amazing jewellery.....

....beautiful handmade pieces from recycled vintage china....
....The artist is Deana Mattos Diefenbach, and you can find her Here....


  1. What an innovative use of shards of crockery!

  2. I'm so behind reading ..... I'm late, I'm late! But what a wonderful post - brilliant idea and fabulous looking necklace. x

  3. I just happened across this and wanted to say Thanks so much for this lovely feature of my vintage plate jewelry. I really appreciate it, Have a great day, Deana

  4. Just stunning. Thank you for sharing.Lizzie

  5. I have fallen in love with your blog its so creative and full of original ideas......xx

  6. ooh! I remember the love i had of the dremel and and the sander, smoothing out fragments of dipped china...took ages but was somehow peaceful in the noise and dust.

  7. wow that looks so lovely and upcycling other peoples rubbish is just the best...thanks for sharing
    bestestd xxxx