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......Hi there lovely people, and welcome to 'Wear something crafty', this little space of mine is going to be dedicated to all types of clothing and shoes, bags and jewellary that have been handmade or even altered into new pieces. This is a space that i want to show case other peoples makes as well as my own,, i see so many talented crafters online and i want to share what i find with you, so if you have something that you have made and want to show people then let me know and i shall do a feature on your piece...
...So lets wear something crafty.....

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Saturday, 8 September 2012

....Slippers out of old sweaters....

.....Just fantastic......i am definitely going to be doing this......

.....I found this at ....''Instrucatables''.....what an amazing idea.......there are loads of other wonderful makes too........xx


  1. These are pretty wonderful aren't they? Thank you for sharing, I was just sorting some old wooly sweators yesterday and wondering how to reuse the fabric. Viola! xx

  2. Brilliant idea. Am off to check out the link ..

  3. I am soooooooooooo going to try this!! Thanks!!

  4. Hello, love your enchanting blog...
    Wishing you a happy kind of Friday!!
    Love Maria x